Laser and IPL Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal – How It Works

Unique uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), to destroy the hair. It is quick, leaves little or no evidence of treatment on the skin afterwards, and is far more bearable for clients, particularly those undergoing large areas.

The light is flashed on the hair, is absorbed by the melanin in the hair (colour), which then turns it into heat. It travels to the base of the hair shaft, where it burns out the cells which replicate new hair growth. The hair will dry up and drop out of the skin in 2-3 weeks.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The darker and thicker the hair is, the quicker it will be destroyed. Skin colour plays a big part in how successful the treatment is. The whiter the skin, the more energy will be absorbed into the hair. Pigmentation, freckles, broken vessels and skin redness will all absorb energy, thus reducing some directed into the hair shaft. Therefore, a person with pure white skin, and coarse black hair, will require fewer treatments, than an olive skin with dark brown hair. Where the hair colouring is indistinguishable from that of the skin colour, the treatment will not work. Only where there is a contrast between hair to skin colour, will the treatment be successful.

Hair lacking colour (soft, fine vellus hair), white, grey or blonde hair, will not absorb the light or produce the required heat to affect the hair cells. Red and ginger hair are reflective colours. Despite them being generally coarser in texture, they will not absorb the energy or retain any heat. Therefore, treatment is not undertaken on these hair types. Please bear that in mind when attending any venue offering hair removal, as this clinic receives at least 6 clients a year, who have been undergoing treatment on these hair types, unsuccessfully.

Do You Treat Children?

Yes ! Periods are starting at a younger age each year. As a result, children are growing terminal hair on the face, and developing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome at a younger age than ever before.

Unwanted hair, particularly facial hair, has now resulted in a lot of play-ground bullying. It is better to treat the hair permanently, than allow the child to be psychologically damaged from the subsequent bullying.

Treatment can be carried out on any hair that is causing the child distress, however, leg hair will not be treated for purely aesthetic reasons. A letter from your GP will be required, stating that in their opinion, it is in the child’s interest to undertake hair removal. No treatment can commence, until this is received.

How Long Does The Hair Need to be For Treatment?

Very short ! Just 1 or 2mm is best. So, you can shave the hair a day or 2 before treatment, so that it is the correct length. If you wish, you can shave the hair directly after treatment, before you leave the clinic. There is no evidence that shaving has any impact on hair growth nor texture. It merely feels coarser, due to the flat cut end, rather than having a previous tapered point to it.

I’d Like to Find Out more – What Do I Do Now?

You will be asked to come along for an initial consultation. We will chat about what you have been doing to remove or manage the hair. Paperwork relating to any health problems and medication will be completed and signed. The treatment, aftercare, skin care, and “do’s and don’ts” will be explained. Any questions will be discussed, answered fully, and to your satisfaction. If, after this, you are happy to continue with treatment, a patch test will be performed.

What is a Patch Test?

A small area of skin, on the area to be treated, is cleaned with a degreasing cleanser. You will be asked to wear a pair of dark glasses, as the IPL light is quite bright. The light will be flashed on a few hairs. If a carbon smell (burning hair) can be detected, the setting is correct for your hair texture, colour and skin colour. When you return for treatment, this is the setting we will be starting on, for your first treatment.

What Happens During a Treatment?

The area to be treated is cleaned with a degreasing cleanser. For larger areas, you will be asked to shower, before attending the clinic.During treatment, you will have access to a cooler unit, to blow cold air onto the area, if you wish. This makes the treatment more comfortable. You will be asked to wear a pair of dark glasses, as the IPL light is quite bright. The light will be flashed on the areas to be treated. Upper lip takes a few seconds to treat, a full back will take up to 45 mins.