Our qualified health professionals can provide a wide range of treatments which you would struggle to find from anyone else.

We are fully trained and qualified on all treatments offered.  Not all treatments are suitable for all people, but we can advise you on your best options.

Can I Bring a Friend or Relative?

Please feel free to bring someone with you – they will be made most welcome !

Where large areas are treated, such as backs or legs, they can help by applying cold air from the cooler blower onto the area for you. This makes the treatment more comfortable. For all treatment, you will be supplied with information and aftercare sheets to take home, however, an extra set of ears is always handy, to pick up verbal information you may have not retained.

Are Children Allowed in the Clinic?

Yes, and most welcome. However, if under 18, they will be asked to sit in the waiting room once treatment commences. Most treatments are very quick, toddlers and babies can be seated in prams the other side of the treatment room door, for the few minutes most treatments take.